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Daycare for your Dog Kidz

 Our lives are busier and busier and sometimes our furry kidz are left alone for far too long each day.  You don’t need to feel guilty about leaving your dog kidz at home all day   while you’re working or out and about.  Just bring him in to Dog Kidz Daycare.  She will join in with her appropriate group  based on age, size and temperament.  And at the end of the day, you'll both go home dog tired and ready to snuggle!

Each of our play areas has indoor space and a large outdoor space with toys and playground equipmen

  • Tiny Tots – Small Kidz feel safer among others of a similar size. Watch your ankles because these guys dash around the playroom jumping from bed to bed with great joy! They have plenty of stuffed toys, tunnels and a fire engine bed to play on!


  • Medium Kidz – Springers, small labs, Aussies and many others share the medium area where they can play hard with each other and jump in the pools, go down the slides and run through the tunnels. And when they are ready to rest, the beds await.


  • Big Dog Den - The castle is always the favorite here when inside and the pools when they are outside. Labs, goldens, shepherds, and dobies among others run free and play with great joy!


  • Medications - Yes! We can administer any oral or topical medications so he stays on his medical schedule.

    Rest assured that your kidz are under our care 24 hours a day. Someone is on the property at all times.

Our goals are cleanliness, safety, and fun! We’ve found that music can keep our little  friends mellow and happy. Our trained staff members are around each area supervising the action.  All dogs are approved for daycare and we turn away any aggressive dogs.  Simply make an appointment and bring your dog kidz in for a quick interview.  Of course, all dogs should be spayed or neutered. Some exceptions are made.  Puppies are fine until 7 months. We will also need your vet to fax us a copy of your up-to-date shot records including bordetella (canine or kennel cough).  Distemper and Parvo (the multi shot DHLPP is preferred) and Rabies are also required. After the interview, your dog can come any time -- or even stay that day. 


Click on Download Forms for a copy of the application, agreement and rates. 

Nap Time & Food:
We find the dogs generally settle down in a group several times a day for a nap. 
  Any treats you want to provide can be given at that time.  We can also give a lunch if your dog is use to that.  Dogs are removed for treats or lunch as no food is allowed in the dog play areas. 


The Daycare is open daily 7am to 7 pm and only closed on major holidays. 

The holidays are:  New Years Day, Independence Day,  Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

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