DAYCARE (Doggie Camp Fun!)

A well balanced dog is a social dog. Physical and psychological interaction in a group keeps your dog confident and easy. Here’s the solution…

—Run Free, Play Hard

Our lives are busier than ever and often are furry friends are left alone for hours and hours. There’s no reason to do that anymore. As much as we love them, it pains us to think that they spend so much of their short lives waiting for us to come home. You don’t need the guilt and your dog definitely needs the socialization.

Dog Kidz is all about fun, fun, fun! Of course, all sorts of good, healthful things are happening at the same time. Dogs who are socialized with other dogs are more emotionally and even physically healthier. They run, they play and they interact with each other all leading to a more balanced dog.

Check out our Live Doggie Cams. Cameras are in all of the play rooms and play yards.

Unlike most other daycares, we divide our dogs into three separate play groups. The groups are based on size and temperament. This way, the high energy dogs are together while the older, lower energy dogs enjoy a little more down time. The little guys don’t have to worry about being trampled by the big dogs and the big dogs can run like the wind. The smaller play groups just make more sense for their comfort and safety.

Each group has a play room and a play yard. They have free access to go in and out at will. There are pools to cool off in, beds to rest on, and climbing equipment and toys.
Your pup will have loads of fun and at the end of day, be ready to go home, dog tired, and ready to snuggle. How much better is that than coming home from work ready to put your feet up and instead find your dog all ready to play as he or she has been waiting for you all day?

Tiny Tots – Small Kidz feel safer among others of a similar size. Watch your ankles because these guys dash around the playroom jumping from bed to bed with great joy! They have plenty of stuffed toys, tunnels and a fire engine bed to play on. Outside are pools, slides, and other toys

  • Doggie DC20
  • Doggie DC21
  • DogKidz11
  • Doggie DC27

Medium Kidz – Springers, small labs, aussies and many others share the medium area where they can play hard with each other and jump in the pools, go down the slides and play chase. And when they are ready to rest, the beds

  • Doggie DC59
  • Doggie DC60
  • DogKidz30

Big Dog Den – The beds are always the favorite here when inside and the pools when they are outside. Labs, goldens, shepherds, and dobies among others run free and play with great joy!

  • DogKidz20
  • Doggie DC59

–safety and security