Your Kidz Beauty Spa

A dirty dog may be a happy dog but sometimes we need him or her to be a clean
(and happy!) dog. Here’s the solution…

  • before
  • after
  • ba-groom

At Dog Kidz, we have three different levels of grooming for you to choose among.

Simple Bath — choose one of our luxury shampoos which includes a large variety such as Berry, Honey & Almond, Oatmeal, Medicated, and Black or White coat enhancing among others. We also offer flea shampoos both treated and natural citrus or cedar. We have dip as well for tough cases.

Spa – our spa treatment includes a luxury shampoo bath and blow dry as well as a nail trim, cut and or dremel, and an ear clean.

Haircut – the whole treatment is included with a haircut: wash, nails, ears, blow dry, brush and a sporty bandana. Our professional groomer has 35 years of experience and we guarantee you’ll be happy!

Baths and Spas can be done by Dog Kidz staff most anytime. Haircuts are with the groomer and must be arranged ahead by appointment.

Pricing is somewhat individually determined and can even vary slightly from visit to visit based on cut, matting and other issues. However, see here for a guideline on our grooming rates.

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